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REACH EAP is the new provider of Medina County's employee assistance program.  Information and services can be obtained through their website, by clicking the logo below or by phone.

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What Can an EAP Do for You?

REACH EAP is the provider of EAP and Work/Life programs to Medina County employees, their family members and anyone who is currenlty living with the employee.

Help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with one toll-free phone call. Caring, compassionate professionals offer confidential expert counseling and guidance for personal and work-related problems, including:

Job stress and other job related problems                    Balancing Work/Life needs

Relationship, parenting and family problems                 Grief and loss

Depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues            Drug and alcohol abuse

Legal and financial concerns

Individuals can also request face-to-face counseling sessions.  An appointment is promptly provided near where the individual lives or works.

Participation in the EAP and Work/Life Program is voluntary; the relationship between the employee and counselor is completely confidential.

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**For Username and Password, contact HR